Any trip to Lviv would be incomplete without visiting Kryjivka – a secret restaurant that is made as a bunker (hide-out) of Ukrainian Rebel Army, who fought for Ukrainian independence against Russians in mid XX century. Everything here reminds those days: the staff wears army clothes, there are plenty of arms around and you can use them to take pictures or even try to shoot a rifle. The food is simple, but delicious and it is served in metal plates, as if you were a soldier.

In a menu, that is printed on a propaganda like newspaper both in Ukrainian and English, you’ll find traditional borshch, varenyky, deruny, but we also advise you ordering meter-long sausage or pork ears and noses!

Probably, the best thing in Kryjivka is the atmosphere! It’s always full of people, who are tasting famous honey vodka (medovukha), often Ukrainian traditional song beaks out here or there…

Kryjivka is open 24/7, so you can visit it early in the morning or late at night, when it’s not crowed. The restaurant isn’t easy to find, as being the hide-out it’s address is: “Somewhere on Rynok Square ”. Actually, it is in the building opposite the city hall, where you’ll find a small wooden door on which you have to knock… And don’t forget the password: “Slava Ukraini!”